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Gitti's cake decorating classes are instructive, entertaining and open to all skill levels. Revealing many techniques used by professional pastry chefs, students acquire the skills to create an array of centerpiece cakes, designer cookies and decorated cupcakes. Gitti's easy to follow methods builds students confidence to create their own works of art by demonstrating how basic tools of the trade can yield impressive results. By offering a variety of unique classes, students continually discover new and interesting ways to create and present eye catching desserts. 


Host a Corporate Class to Build Teams or Just Say "Thank you"

DMC classes are excellent for corporations that are looking for innovative ways to network, motivate, or just say "thank you" to dedicated employees. Our classes bring people together by allowing individuals to explore their own creativity, finding new ways to problem solve through cake decorating. Need a stress reliever for your team? Try one of our classes! A break from the daily routine will bring lots of smiles, laughter, and appreciation for their coworkers and senior staff.


DMC is GREAT for Non-Profits!

Non-profits are constantly challenged by new ways to fund raise and reach new donors. DMC classes are the perfect choice for organizations looking to expand their programming for small, or large groups. We offer hands-on, or demonstration, classes that can be customized for your organization. We also give back 10% of our equipment sales as a donation to your organization.


Need consulting for your bakery? We are here to help!

Our professional series offers basic to advanced cake decorating consultations. From home based businesses to large volume bakeries, our programs are customized to meet your business needs. We offer cake decorating and business classes that give business owners a complete package to stay competitive in the ever growing cake decorating industry.


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